Types Of Paintings At All Times

Painting as it is famously defined, involves the use of a surface and the stroke of various colors on it. Mostly it makes use of brushes, but other sources as sponges and airbrushes are used as well. Painting being an extension of art is not a direct form of expression. It is indirect but rather a creative method to do so. It has the capability of giving life to a mere object drawn on a canvas at least for a split second. It may not have been painted with an aim for it to look like any object in particular but when a viewer perceives it; they may see it in a way that seems acceptable to them. Therefore it is not just a method for the painter to express their views and emotions, but a way for viewers to understand theirs.
One of the famous methods of painting is through oil painting. It utilizes oil that is constantly drying. The skillful ways oil painting could be used made it rather popular. People started using it more often and soon it became widely known.
Fresco is a painting type that has been used in the past at Renaissance, and could be still viewed today at various sites. It is painted on ceilings and walls, made from water, fresh lime mortar or plaster. Once the pigments are painted it needs to be attached to the walls or ceilings by glue, oil or even egg.
Aboriginal art in Sydney on the other hand is a type of art developed by Australians. This method depicts paintings on different objects as rocks, wood and even leaves. This form of art is well known for its relation with religious ceremonies and can be understood as it goes a long way back to cultural traditions.
Tempera is another form that is further known as egg tempera. This is a permanent method of painting. It consists of color pigments being mixed with a water substance that is soluble and can be used as a binder, therefore mostly egg is used. The permanency of this type of painting is rather remarkable as it is known that the paintings done by this method during the first century still exist today.
These type of painting methods have been introduced ages ago and has grown and developed over the years. They still remain, respected for each of its uniqueness and excellence. However as much as this world has grown, so have the methods of expressing art in Australian art history. It is now done a lot of the times through digital painting as well. It requires the artist to create this form of painting through computer technology and can even utilize traditional methods of paintings within it, itself.

June 30, 2016