Tips To A Great Reception Area Of An Office

The reception area is an important area that has to be looked after with care. The main it has to be is it the waiting area for clients, potential customers and potential employees. When someone is at the reception, they look around and tend to judge what kind of company it is. The better the reception the better view the individual will have on the company. Here are few small things that can really go a long way in making your lobby area or your reception area nice.

The Smell – Knowingly or unknowingly an individual will pick up a smell of the place first. It is always wise to invest on some good air freshener. Hopefully if your lobby is air conditioned the air freshener will help keep the lobby like atmosphere going for you employees. They will also feel comfortable waiting.

Appearance – The reception area will have be the first inside impression of the office. The first impression should give the guest and idea of what to expect from the company. For example it could be your colour theme; depending on your company’s field have some of field related quotes around or you could say cooperate art. Even the furniture rental HK needs to be well placed and thought out.

You can have a molo type seating butit will depend on the size of your lobby and how your company culture works.

Save money – The more you save money on fancy stuff you buy for you’re the more money you will have remaining to buy even more items that will make the ice cream, a chocolate ice cream. Who knows if you have a good head on your shoulders the chocolate ice cream can have toppings on top as well.

You can easily do this rent online for event furniture and accessories. Amazon has some great things that will suit your office. What’s more is they might even have cooperate art work that will be great for hanging in your lobby.

The coffee table – This is the table that youwill have in the reception table. Make sure have a good set of business/company related magazines. Chances people will not read but in the chance they are bored they might take one and read. You never know.

Have a water cooler in the lobby area. Normally people who come to visit the company are not always people have come in their own vehicles. Some of them walk, take the train or take the bus. It can be really tiring. There no other way to relax by drinking some water and sitting in an office with colourful calming images around you, where room smells great because of the air freshener and the amazing layout you will have with the furniture.

September 30, 2016